Three Technology Necessities For The Online Student

So, you’ve made the decision to return to school and finally finish that degree. Great! With the abundance of online degree programs available today, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to find something that not only helps you achieve your goals but also is fun at the same time.Regardless of which school or program you choose, technology will play a significant role in the ability to complete all the coursework and degree requirements. Now, while it is not necessary to have the latest computer and equipment, the student experience will be significantly enhanced with use of at least some of the most up-to-date tech advancements available.So what technology might be considered a necessity for that student experience?Broadband Internet Service – Now, this may seem to many to be a “no brainer”, but the reality is that many people online today are still using dial-up service. While dial-up will work in some cases, your online degree program may very well require that you have high-speed internet access. This will make downloading class material and participating in live, online discussions much faster and enjoyable. Once you see for yourself, going back to dial-up will scare you.Internet Phone Service -I know many of you may be thinking that this one is not a necessity. However, I would disagree for two main reasons. First, with the increasing utilization of broadband internet service, the use of internet phone service has continued to increase in popularity both here and abroad. With services such as Skype, more and more people will be using the internet as a medium for 2-way voice dialogue. If you are attending an international-based online degree program, this may very well be a necessity.Secondly, the use of internet phone service is relatively inexpensive. Again, with services like Skype and Vonage, you can talk as long as you want for one low flat rate. In fact, you can even call many international locations with no extra charge. For a student who is financially strapped, the ability to talk long-distance for very little is quite a necessity.Digital Audio Player -One of the advantages of an online degree program is that you can often tailor the program to fit into your schedule. Because of the fact that you can go to class almost any time and do the work when you want, it is important that you be diligent in proper time management. One significant part of that is maximizing “down time”. Many online courses utilize audio and video files that can be produced by the instructor and then downloaded by the student. Using an mp3 player (or something similar), you have the ability to download the course material and then listen to it when you want to. This could include in the car, at the gym, etc. The point is that with use of a digital audio player, you can stay in control and yet maximize your learning opportunities.Please understand that while we have listed the above technology as necessities, it’s availability and/or affordability to you will not determine your online education success alone. These three technology necessities will greatly enhance the educational experience, but your success will also depend on your ability to stay focused, study hard and effectively manage your time. As with many technological improvements designed to make our lives easier, it is not difficult to become distracted and spend countless hours focused on things such as entertainment. However, your job as a student will be to minimize the distractions and accomplish the goal of obtaining your degree. Let technology aid you, not hinder you.

Benefits Of MPLS Network Services

MPLS Network Services or Multi Protocol Label Switching service is increasingly becoming popular these days. The technology imitates some of the properties of circuit-switched network over an IP or packet-switched networks. This is more so in case of businesses that have multiple offices which are networked together. More and more business organizations are switching to MPLS to enjoy the multi faceted benefits offered by this cutting edge technology.The technology transmits different types of data in order of importance to ensure speedy delivery of data in no time. For example, if you are using VoIP facility as well as emails at the same time, VoIP calls are given priority over emails to ascertain quick delivery without the loss of latency or quality. Before proceeding to use this technology, it becomes essential to figure out whether you definitely need this technology or not.If you are not using networking facilities, this technology may not be suitable for your business. Similarly, single offices with no back up connection do not require the use of this technology. However, if you have multiple offices networked together, then MPLS is indispensable.Many people fear that the technology may involve huge hardware investment for routing traffic such as costly firewalls. However, this is not true. Standard routes that can be bought for cheap are sufficient for routing traffic. You can enjoy the facility of rerouting traffic without spending a fortune. Even business organizations that are running short of funds can apply this technology within the organization with very low investment.The technology allows you to prioritize traffic as per your convenience. For example, VoIP calls can be given priority over application and application traffic can be assigned priority over emails. By assigning priority to traffic, you can be assured that pertinent tasks are handled on an urgent basis over tolerant tasks.With increasing use of VoIP calls, emails, application server, the traffic on any network is increasing. As a result of this, there tends to be continuous networking congestion. However, MPLS minimizes congestion by offering sophisticated traffic engineering options. Re-routing traffic also minimizes network congestion to a considerable extent.MPLS allow you to join multiple sites together as if they are on the same local area network. Your Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds offices can be easily connected in to your LAN in your London office like three computers in the next room. Thus, the efficiency is enhanced which delivers quick and timely results in no time. Increased efficiency also minimizes the cost.Due to these numerous benefits, more and more business organizations are turning to MPLS Network Services to take the benefit of this cutting edge technology. The technology is latest and still young, and researches are underway to enhance and improve the technique further. Attempts are made to double and triple re-routing efficiency to enjoy better experience. Similarly, latest techniques are employed to reduce the cost further so that even small businesses with tight budget can benefit from this technique, and improve their telecommunication efficiency for users.